Providing the care during your pregnancy isa matter of the heart to us. Based on our special qualifications in ultrasoundtechnique and the care provided by midwives with own office hours in ourpractice, the provision of care during pregnancy is our main focus.

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 Zum Film über Ultraschall Feindiagnostik 

Prenatal care

During the first examination of apregnancy, we determine the gestational age by means of a vaginal ultrasoundexamination. This examination can also detect multiple pregnancies, ifapplicable. If needed, we take a smear from the cervical os for cancerscreening. Then, we take some blood, determine your weight and height, checkyour urine in the lab, and ask about previous diseases, if any.

This data is then entered into yourmaternal health passport. This document accompanies you through the entirepregnancy.

You will get comprehensive counseling inareas such as nutrition, traveling, physical exercise, and general behaviorduring pregnancy.

The examinations during the later phases ofprenatal care will initially be scheduled at four-week intervals. In the finaltwo months, examinations will be scheduled every two weeks. During eachexamination, your blood pressure, body weight, and urine status will bechecked. The growth of the child will be followed by ultrasound and the uterinecervix will be assessed either by palpation or ultrasound.

The additional CTG examination of heartsounds/labor will be initiated in week 30. These examinations will be donealternating with the mid-wives.

If your child is not born by the calculateddate, CTGs will be recorded every other day. The volume of amniotic fluid willbe checked by ultrasound. The functional aptitude of the placenta may beconfirmed by a specialized measurement of the blood flow.

Depending on your well-being, birth can beinduced 7 - 10 days after the calculated date. This is done by the maternityhospital in charge.

All examinations are done in compliance with German maternity guidelines (download) >>

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